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This is my collection of code pieces I distribute as open source. Feel free to use my software for your profit but please adhere the rules of GPL. If you like my work, please set a link to my pages.

I usually work in the network applications area. You can expect clients, servers, tools ... everything thats useful in the internet and intranet... and not at least some code for simplifying web design and web management.

I have studied computer science at the University of applied Science in Munich/Germany. Since my graduate in 1995 I am working on several systems, usually in the banking and stock trading area.
I have started in early 2007 to transfer my projects to open source, it is a lot of work, specially in documentation... so please be patient when you find blank pages in this CMS.

For feedback please visit my weblog.

For information about my consulting business please visit feike.biz (german).


Last Update: April 2007