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About the blog2phpCMS Open Source Project

plugin commands

+ B2P_Config
+ B2P_FetchBlogPosts
+ B2P_FetchBlogComments
+ B2P_FetchBlogCategories
+ B2P_FetchBlogUsers
+ B2P_ForEach
+ B2P_EndForEach
+ B2P_Data

The blog2phpCMS plugin software allows you to use weblog systems content (currently only wordpress 2.x, next planned is b2evolution) in your phpCMS content files.

That is pretty useful because phpCMS is a rich-featured but lightweight CMS System, whereas a typical weblog system like wordpress is more diary-like and pretty easy to use for editors.

What the plugin can do for you

  • Fetch posts from wordpress into phpCMS
  • Fetch comments from wordpress into phpCMS
  • Fetch users from wordpress into phpCMS
  • Fetch categories from wordpress into phpCMS
  • Restict fetching by category, user, number of objects and text length
  • Apply some formating to your posts (like strip_tags)
  • ... tbc ...

Straight forward plugin usage

The usage of the plugin is very simple, just insert the B2P commands as html comments in your phpCMS content file.

Example phpCMS content file

  <!-- include the plugin like usual in phpCMS -->
  {PLUGIN FILE="/parser/plugs/blogs2phpcms/blogs2phpcms.php" TYPE="DYNAMIC"}

  Here is my static page content, blablabla a duck is a duck - hello world
  Now I include content from my wordpress blog:

  <!-- B2P_Config ; blog=wordpress2 ; path=../../weblog ; debug=off -->
  <!-- B2P_FetchBlogPosts ; maxrows=3 ; category=blog2phpCMS -->

  <table border=1>
  <!-- B2P_ForEach -->
    <!-- B2P_Data ; field=post_date --> in <!-- B2P_Data ; fie2P_Data ; field=cat_name -->
    <b><!-- B2P_Data ; field=post_title ; tags=no ; maxlen=80 --></b>
    <!-- B2P_Data ; field=post_content ; maxlen=180 -->
  <!-- B2P_EndForEach -->

  Another static content block -
  btw. the plugin code scans all content block automatically.

Example Output (running live on my weblog)


You will find more in the documentation section.
For feedback please use my weblog.
Last Update: April 2007