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blog2phpCMS Open Source Project

plugin commands

+ B2P_Config
+ B2P_FetchBlogPosts
+ B2P_FetchBlogComments
+ B2P_FetchBlogCategories
+ B2P_FetchBlogUsers
+ B2P_ForEach
+ B2P_EndForEach
+ B2P_Data

The blog2phpCMS plugin software allows you to use weblog systems content (currently only wordpress 2.x) in your phpCMS content files.

That is pretty useful because phpCMS is a rich-featured but lightweight CMS System, whereas a typical weblog system like wordpress is more diary-like and pretty easy to use for editors. Combining these two systems gives you a rich set of possibilities to keep a website with dynamic content up-to-date. And all of this without the need of too much technical know-how on the editor's side.

As an example look at the "News-Box" on the left, it's made with the plugin.

Straight forward useage

The usage of the plugin is very simple, just insert the B2P commands as html comments in your phpCMS content file.


  <!-- B2P_Config ; blog=wordpress2 ; path=../../weblog ; debug=off -->
  <!-- B2P_FetchBlogPosts ; maxrows=3 ; category=blog2phpCMS -->

  <table border=1>
  <!-- B2P_ForEach -->
    <!-- B2P_Data ; field=post_date -->
    in <!-- B2P_Data ; field=cat_name -->
    <b><!-- B2P_Data ; field=post_title ; tags=no ; maxlen=80 --></b>
    <!-- B2P_Data ; field=post_content ; maxlen=180 -->
  <!-- B2P_EndForEach -->

Example Output (running live on my weblog)


You will find more in the documentation section.
For feedback please use my weblog.
Last Update: April 2007